Ugadi: A Hindu New Year

picture of M&A at the Massachusetts State House Rotunda 2006 Arun Shanbhag
M&A at the Massachusetts State house

Celebrating Ugadi & Gudi Padva
Wishing You All
A Wonderful New Year

Peace, Good Health and Success in the New Year!
Meera, M & A

Other Gudi Padva Greetings:

Puran Poli for Gudi Padva

Puran Poli Konkani food dessert pics by Arun Shanbhag
Last week during Gudi Padva, M indulged me with some freshly made puran polis – a konkani delicacy! For those who have not tried one, imagine a paratha stuffed with a blend of chana-dal, jaggery and elaichi. Liberally spread tuup (clarified butter) on warm puran polis and … heavenly! M made 10, she ate 2 and I finished 8! What sacrifices the indian woman makes ~ a true pativrata. Hee Hee! And with a glass of milk, I didn't need dinner. Continue reading “Puran Poli for Gudi Padva”

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