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On vacations, we wake up earlier and walk around the city when it is mostly empty. The light is beautiful, great service in backerei and a great time to explore the city. Here on our morning walk through the city of Innsbruck, by the river Inn. The sun is barely reaching the tops of the Tyrolian mountains.

Innsbruck pictures by Arun Shanbhag
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Visiting Innsbruck

A shop window in Innsbruck. Creative and colorful!
Innsbruck, Austria Arun Shanbhag

View from atop Patscherkofel. In the valley below is the town of Innsbruck.
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The Complete Travelogue from Austria:

New Year Greetings 2007

Patscherkofel, Innsbruck, Austria

Wishing You All
A Peaceful and Enlightening New Year!


The Complete Travelogue from Austria:

Live Well, Today

M napping on the train in Austria

Today is what you will be nostalgic for, in a few years.

Occasionally, I am overcome by fond memories of childhood in Mumbai; visiting cousins, relatives and grandparents in the rural Karnataka towns of Bhatkal, Honavar, Hosad and Kumta. From what I remember, then I was busy running around, chasing dragon-flys, seeking bird eggs, stoning mangoes, or herding cows.

Now I miss my grandmother – I see her working the orchards, taking care of the household, and scribing “shri ram jaya ram jaya jaya ram” in her notebook every evening. Even when the power went out – which it did most evenings in the summer – she'd light an oil lamp and continue writing. Once more I'd like to peek up at her and see her furrowed brow, the violet bindi and reading glasses perched on her nose. Once more I'd want to be scolded by her. Continue reading “Live Well, Today”

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