11 Secrets to Success

pics of colorful roses in a vase at home by Arun Shanbhag

Decades ago when I subscribed to the Investor’s Business Daily, they had an inside section called IBD’s 10 Secrets to Success. I clipped out that section, and every so often would go over the list to make sure I was following it. I am sharing it with you all, and archiving this valuable, yellowing scrap […]


Hands-only CPR: Save a Life

post on Hand only CPR on Arun Shanbhag

How To: Call 911 Push hard and fast in the center of the chest, without interrupting Push deeply, about 100 times per minute. That’s faster than three times every two seconds Do NOT be afraid, your actions can only help Look around and invite your friends or other onlookers to help Continue until trained Emergency […]


Video: Embrace Life

As you get ready for the Holidays, here is a British public service announcement encouraging riders to wear seat belts. WoW! What a beautifully executed video! Not boring and no scare tactics here; just beautiful acting and the full play of emotions. A tear was ready to well up in my eyes. Stunning! Video produced […]


Abdicated my Throne

Its official, I have abdicated my throne! Last week, the Honorable Justice of the Bombay City Civil Court ruled in favor of our petition. I no longer command my domain. Let me introduce you to the new Supreme Commander of Arun’s World to the East and in the West. My daughter, Meera Arun Shanbhag The […]


Reading: Wide Angle Lens

A few interesting things. Lets start with wine! An eco-smart alternative to the wine bottle. Slideshow: “Making French Rabbit’s New Eco-Smart Wine Bottle,” Fast Company. Seeing this feature in Fast Company, I tried French Rabbit’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Fantastic and it goes superbly well with my grilled salmon. Importantly, a tetra pack has 1 L wine […]


Tulip Mania

It was a dreary weekend; overcast, drizzly and cold. Perfect time to snuggle under the goose down and sip warm almond milk. After putzing around the house for a few hours, I realized the rains had stopped – whatdayaknow. An overcast day is perfect to take flower pics. In the diffuse light, the subtle colors […]