Meera turns Five, with Amma

Picture of Meera with Amma by Arun Shanbhag

A picture is worth a 1000 words. You can see the unconditional love and trust they share in this candid shot from Meera’s Fifth Birthday. A split second later their eyes were open. What a different pic. See Meera with Pappa. And, boy do they grow fast. Continue reading “Meera turns Five, with Amma”

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day
Sculpture at the start of the Western Express Highway, Mumbai

Somewhere in our Sanatan Dharma (Hindu) scriptures I had read that the birth of a child awakens “matrudharma” – or motherhood in a woman. Then, they were only words in a book. Now, how amazingly and beautifully I see the transformation in M. It is a pleasure to see M coo-ing and chasing Meera getting her to eat; cleaning each toe during her bath, patiently convincing Meera to take the vitamins; how lovingly she cleans and dresses Meera, and a 1000 other things.

And how unsurprisingly, innocent Meera recognizes her mother’s love and whole heartedly seeks her. Meera may have fallen and in real pain, but once she is in her mother’s arms, she’ll always stop crying. We fathers can just see, and deep down can’t help but feel a little jealous.

To a great mother, M
and all you Mothers out there!
A Happy Mothers Day!


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