Sherpas get their due.

The NY Times reports:
KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A veteran Sherpa guide (Apa Sherpa) scaled Mount Everest for a record 17th time Wednesday, beating his own previous record, mountaineering officials said.

Apa was leading a team calling themselves the Super Sherpas on a charity climb to raise education funds for children of the Nepalese mountain guides.

Apa Sherpa started climbing as a porter at the age of 12, now he is a Super Sherpa. In a classically Western focus, the first ascent atop Everest bagged Hillary the knighthood, while the sherpa Tenzing Norgay was relegated to an “also climbed” status. Now the sherpas are asserting themselves and showing who really rules the Himalayas.

Shabassh! Apa Sherpa!

Rendezvous with Sāgarmāthā (Everest)


Just returned from a 19-day Kailash-Manasarovar Tirth Yatra (pilgrimage).

We flew to Kathmandu, Nepal, got pinned in the midst of a mob-military firefight at the Nepal-Tibet border, and dashed across the Tibetan plateau. Here land cruisers go off-road, over hills, down valleys, through swollen streams, and over crumbling embankments. Five days later when we reached Manasarovar – the highest fresh water lake at an altitude of 15,000 ft, I was blabbering sick. High fever, body aches, and the ubiquitous high altitude-associated symptoms: chest ripping cough, persistent headaches, nausea and blurry vision. Throw in an asthma attack for good measure. And we were only getting started. Continue reading “Rendezvous with Sāgarmāthā (Everest)”

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