Video: Meera Enjoying Limbu Soda

Meera enjoys going to restaurants. She sits on the table and holds court; surveys other patrons and call out to them: Aye! At our favorite joint: the Kamats Restaurant in Colaba, the wait staff will entertain Meera while we eat. 🙂 Meera loves their idlis, poLo (dosas) and anything we drink.

One of our favorite drinks is the Limbu soda – sparkling lemonade. Meera loves it too. Enjoy the range of Meera’s expressions in this 46 sec video where she sips Limbu soda. *anti nazar* spray.

Notice Meera’s earring. These traditional Konkani “paakLi” were made for M when she was born. Her mother had saved them and got them cleaned and pointed for Meera.

Note: Limbu paani is the plain lemonade and available on most Mumbai streets.

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A Few Good Movies

Good does come from icing sore knees. As my knee cools, I get to watch a movie; am finally catching up on my to-watch list. Here are a few of the excellent ones I recently enjoyed. All have my highest recommendations. Feel free to recommend movies to my queue.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Another of Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece. Superbly done, great graphics and a very nice story. Like this better than Spirited Away. Planning on buying Nausicaa …, just so I can share with visiting kids. Now his other works are moving up the queue – fast!

Children of Heaven: Saw this Iranian movie based on an excellent review by Ratheesh here (caution, spoilers galore!). A simple yet heartwarming and uplifting story of two children rising above poverty. The child actors did a fabulous job. Reminded me to enjoy the simple things in life. Loved the little girl's name – Zahra. Heavenly. Don't miss this one. Also queued a couple of other movies by the same director.

Parineeta PosterParineeta: Another fantastic adaptation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's classic. The sets are not as opulent as Devdas, making it more realistic. Loved the song – piyu bole jiya dole. Sarat Chandra does a masterly job of subtly, yet firmly portraying the steeled determination of the bharatiya naari. Wish the director had taken a few more scenes to develop it further here. BTW, Vidya Balan looks stunning. Next time in India, please do not let me run into her.

Turns out to be quite an international collection here.

Life Meme: Things you always wanted to know but were too chicken to ask

What was I doing:
10 years ago: In Pittsburgh! I was comfortable and coasting at work; life was good and I was getting fat.

5 years ago: In Boston, ready to change my career. Enrolled in an MBA, got a great business plan, … and then I hated the business school types. Yuck.

1 year ago: Still looking to change careers. Have a long list of things I have considered but don't want to do! Oooh! Was planning our india trip 🙂

Yesterday: was a busy day.
Got a manuscript ready for publication.
Ran 6 mi – was completely pooped. A slight ache in my right knee – this aging thing sucks.
Got a haircut,
… and made dinner.
Sliced round whole wheat sourdough bread; tomato pesto, sliced tomatoes, roasted garlic cloves, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers saved in olive oil; a few rings of red onion; fresh basil leaves, salt and pepper to taste! And added a little bruschetta on M's sandwich! Yumm! Sorry no pics as I was super hungry.

Wondering what I want to do when I 'grow up'. Being a travel writer is my current “To Be” craze!
But in the words of Swami Chinmayananda from the Chinmaya Mission, “This too shall pass.” Maybe I will end up with my book store and coffee shop in Colaba! BTW, “this too shall pass” is a handy phrase to recollect. Equally pertinent whether you are riding the peaks of euphoria or wallowing in the dark recesses of despair!

5 snacks I enjoy relish:
1. Eda-mame in the pod, and/or shelled (my new craze!)
2. Britannia cream biscuits (mango and pineapple flavors)
3. Baby carrots
4. Apples
5. Ginger orange granola (Trader Joe's)

5 artists that I know the lyrics of most of their songs:
1. Ooops, I don't know the lyrics of any song. Maybe a couple of lines of some. 😦

5 things I’d do with $100 million:
1. Move to the Ritz full service luxury Condominiums in Boston's downtown. (M would appreciate the maid service!)
2. Buy a flat in Colaba, Mumbai
3. Donate generously to schools and orphanages in konkan-land. Or better still – build and manage my own; then I will have something to do when I 'grow-up.' Or this 'growing-up' thing will have to be postponed indefinitely! :-))
4. Buy a Mamiya 645AFD with digital back and a slew of lenses.
5. Take M to a jewellery store and then to an indian dress store.

5 locations I’d like to run fly away to:
1. Kumta, Karnataka
2. Interlaken, Switzerland
3. Ponda, Goa
4. Ladhak
5. Manhattan

5 bad habits and pet peeves I have:
1. Perfectionist
2. When I want it done, I want it done, … like NOW!
3. Hate soft drinks guzzling, couch potatoes!
4. I am either “hot or cold”; nothing in between
5. Impatient with mediocrity

5 things I like doing:
1. Munching
2. Gabbing
3. Working Out
4. Reading
5. Being Outdoors

5 things I would never wear:
1. Never say never, particularly if you offer me $100 million!
5. Women's clothing! Though I have on occasion pinched M's plush, olive green with a burnt sienna windproof liner, polartec vest for a winter run!!!

5 TV shows I like:
1. ooops again! Don't watch TV

5 movies I likelove:
1. Casablanca
2. Cinema Paradiso
3. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
4. Silsila
5. Love Actually

5 famous people I’d like to meet:
1. Swami Chinmayananda: Don't know if he is alive. I treasure his pocket phrase book titled, 31 pointers for a (something) life. It is the size of a matchbox!
2. Warren Buffet
3. Steve Jobs
4. Nicole Kidman
5. This 'Atman' that I have been reading about lately!

5 favorite toys:
1. Nikon camera gear
2. iPOD
3. collection of fountain pens
4. book collection
5. anything made by apple

3 people I'd like to see complete this :
who so ever has not done it yet!

Movie Meme!

1. Total number of movies I own:
VHS = >50 (this is after I donated about 80 VHS tapes to a local library)
DVD = 66 [57 Bollywood; 9 non-Indian)

2. The last film (DVD) I bought:
Buena Vista Social Club – This was about a year ago. Stopped buying movies – joined Netflix.

3. The last movie I watched:
In theater: Matrix III – yeah, a long time ago.
On DVD: Cinema Paradiso (Italian)
On TV: Sorry, don't watch TV at all!
On video: Pulled out the “Brother Cadfael” Series from my collection. Set in 12th century England. Derek Jacobi acts as a Benedictine Monk. With some Crusader experience he is the local healer, as well as the detective. Beautifully done series! Check with your local library. The Episode “Virgin in the Ice” is my favorites. I recently downloaded and listened to the related Audiobook by Peter Ellis. The video series is one of my all time bests! If I buy another DVD set, it will be this one.

4. Movies that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
– Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman) All time favorite!
– A Walk in the Clouds (Keanu Reeves & Aitana Sanchez-Gijon)
– When Harry Met Sally (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan)
– Matrix (Keanu Reeves& Laurence Fishburne)
– Broken Arrow (John Travolta and Christian Slater)
– Albela (Bhagwan & Geeta Bali 1950's)

5. Pick others to include in their journal:
– Whoever has not done one yet

Lost in Translation – Review

Warning! Tirade incoming!!!

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

I recently saw “Lost in Translation.” Scarlett Johansson is hot! What a waste of time! Scarlett Johansson is hot!

It is written and directed by Sofia Coppola, d/o of the legendary Francis Ford “The Godfather” Coppola. Scarlett Johansson is hot! This only confirms what we have long know: true talent is not passed through the genes.

That same Sofia, who looked ‘hot’ in Godfather III as the daughter of Michael Corelone, and looked ghastly at the recent Oscars. wohi, who made Virgin Suicides. I remember vividly. After seeing that movie I had felt the strong urge to slash my wrists. Now you know why all the sisters in that movie commit suicide. Can you imagine working with Sofia for months on end?

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

Coming back to our movie, there is no story. Actually the title of the movie was supposed to be, “A boring week in the life of an American Executive in Tokyo.” But the creative talent at the studio felt that would be giving away the whole story. Besides, coming over from Tokyo, it was lost in the translation (had to sneak it in somewhere). It is said that the movie was shot in a record 28 days. I ask, Why so long?

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

And, their website (which I will not be providing a link to) has the following banner:
“Over 245 critics nationwide rave,
One of the best pictures of the year
More than any other movie of 2003”

You must be kidding! Hello! There were atleast two LOTR movies released in 2003. Not to mention the Matrix series, Seabiscuit, etc. And all those Bollywood movies!

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

BTW, the only saving grace: Scarlett Johansson is hot! but sorry no sex.

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