Kids Who Bring Joy

Since they were infants, I have shot pics of all our friend’s kids. They are a joyous bunch and I love showcasing them. Now, with Meera on the scene, some of my friends wonder if I’ll ever be as passionate about taking their pics. Well, they do have a point :-E|

But for now, here they are.
They make me laugh and they make me cry;
and in turn I spoil them (with Lindt chocolates) ~ while their moms give me the evil eye!

Here is Meghana and Navya. Here they are, the week Navya was born. Time sure flies by.
pics of Meghana and Navya kids by Arun Shanbhag

You have also seen Vibha before A tiny toddler she was, now a shy young girl.
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Gundi and Navya

On Friday, our friend Sandhya delivered a baby girl. Gopal and Sandhya are thrilled, and so is their three year old daughter Meghana. She goes by Gundi. BTW, Gundi is quite a character. She is very mature, caring and needs constant attention. She chats incessantly in Kochi Konkani. Like most kids her age, she cannot pronounce the letter “r” and calls me “Ayun – maam.”

Ever since her mom was expecting, Gundi wanted a baby brother. In the hospital when she found it was a girl, she apparently asked, “Will she turn into a baby brother after a few days?” Cute uh? Whats with that hairdo you ask? I think its straight from Kochi. Yesterday they had a “cradling/naming” ceremony for the new arrival – Navya. This pic was taken last Sunday when the baby was 48 hours old.

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