Nutella Sandwich: Nutella spread on Iggy’s bread

Pics of Nutella on Iggy's Bread by Arun Shanbhag
My favorite way to start the day is with two slices of whole wheat sourdough bread from Iggy’s with a liberal spread of Nutella. The bread is hearty and powers me through a crazy morning at the office, or a sadistically long run; the creamy hazelnut chocolate spread, I savor every smear of. This had so completely worked into my running routine, that when I travelled out of town for marathons, I carried my Nutella jar. Continue reading “Nutella Sandwich: Nutella spread on Iggy’s bread”

Meera Visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Pics from Meera visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History by Arun Shanbhag

A couple of weeks back, I took a day off and brought Meera to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. HMNH is quite small, but packed with an amazing collection of dinosaur skeletons, stuffed large animals, skeletons of whales and many other species, including a sizable bird and small animal grouping. I had been here before and throughly enjoyed my visit. Continue reading “Meera Visits the Harvard Museum of Natural History”

Nutella: Such things are inevitable

Some time last year, I underwent this temporary crisis. Recently an LJ friend had a similar, end of the world-like experience.

Here’s how I save myself from further anguish – Stock up on Nutella! Need my morning Nutella fix.
Stock-up Nutella jars by Arun Shanbhag

Nutella ki baat hai

pic of empty Nutella jar by Arun Shanbhag
After a two week hiatus, I opened the Nutella jar to spread on Iggy’s bread to make my Nutella sandwich. It was EMPTY!
How could that be? I never put an empty jar back in the pantry.

I asked M if she had the last of the Nutella. Nope she said! Its been ages since she touched Nutella. After much moaning and pacing I asked M again. Nope she insisted! “Besides, its too sweet for me.” She is not much into sweets and my stacks of Indian mithai are safe.

But M does have an exquisite craving for chocolate and hazelnut, and our stores of Swiss chocolates steadily recede. I got those just for her. After additional pacing, I asked again with my practiced, 'lie and you rot in hell' look. BTW, we guys don't have the genes for this. Not even bothering to look up from her newspaper, she responds, “maybe there is a mouse in the house.”

A mouse?
Ghar mein ek chuva hai
ya daal mein kuch kaala hai!

See how I prepare for such crises.


If you have not tried Nutella, Do it now.

I tried it the very first time at a bed and breakfast in Switzerland last year. Spoon this Hazelnut chocolate spread on home-made bread and … WOW! Oh my God! I am totally addicted to this. I have it nearly every day – except when I had my wisdom tooth extracted.

Can you imagine I spent so many decades of my life not knowing about Nutella! What if I had died without ever having tried Nutella. Yama Dev, would definitely have sent me back.

So this counts as my Social/ Community Service. Eat Nutella. I like it on wheat bread, and even on chapattis. You can spread it like jam and then roll the chapattis and carry to the office or school as a snack. When you try it, you will know what I mean. And if you wait for a few years, don't blame me. You have been warned.


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