New President Elect Obama

We woke up to a new President Elect! An historic step, all the more in contrast to the disastrous, preceding eight years.

This is a time of two ongoing wars and terrorists are still out there waiting for a softening. The economy is in tatters and the country in at least 10 trillion dollars in debt. The hard part of governing now begins.

Negative attacks are common place on both sides leading up to the election. And Rudy Giuliani said it well last night. Before the elections we are Republicans or Democrats, but “after the elections we are all Americans!” The people have spoken! It is time to be an American!

We are all Americans!

Added in Revision:
It was heartening to see sooo many Indians, Canadians, Europeans, Kenyans, Latinos and everyone the world over, hoping for an American Victory! To me this proves that America is still the beacon, leading the way. And disproves what the declinist Zakharia and his ilk refer to as the post-american world. Prolly, they confused America with the “Bush America!”

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