What to do with Bunions?

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What to do with Bunions? Better to leave them alone.

A bunion is a characteristically large bony bump at the base of the big toe. This alters the alignment of the bones, causing the base of the big toe to angle out and crowding the tops towards the smaller toes. Bunions can often be painful and cause swelling, making it difficult to find comfortably fitting shoes. The big toe pushing against the smaller toes can result in irritation of the skin, forming painful calluses.

Bunions occur more frequently in women and can occur in children as well. Although some footwear can contribute to the deformity, it is not the sole cause. “People who develop bunions often have an underlying predisposition to acquire them, such as a family member who may have them, overly mobile joints, or a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis,” explains Dr A Holly Johnson, Foot & Ankle Surgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Instructor at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Traumatic injuries to feet or toes can also result in bunions. Bunions can occur in people with flatfeet (or over pronation) and may involve deformities of the smaller toes, such as hammer toes.

xray of normal foot (left) and a foot with a bunion (right) hallux valgus
Left: X-ray of normal foot while standing. Right: Foot with a bunion, also called hallux valgus. Notice the bony protuberance and the large angle at the base of the big toe. The top of the big toe is seen crowding towards the smaller toes. Continue reading “What to do with Bunions?”

Surgeon falsifies research on soldiers injured in Iraq war

Update: May 22, 2009
Dr Kuklo has taken a leave of absence from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Update: May 19, 2009
US Senator Charles Grassley has opened an inquiry into Dr T Kuklo and his financial relations with Medtronic.

It is depressing to see medical doctors, who are also paid consultants to drug companies falsifying research data. From a NYTimes article Army Disputes Doctor’s Claim in Study of Injured.

A former Army, Orthopaedic surgeon, operating at the reputed Walter Reed Army Medical Center, created a ghost population of soldiers wounded in Iraq. Then fabricated data on their treatment with rhBMP-2 (recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein – 2). The doctor forged signatures of co-authors and published the manuscript in a reputed peer-reviewed journal (Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – Br Edition). The surgeon was a paid consultant for Medtronic, which also makes and markets the rhBMP-2.
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