Girls making Papad 2

Picture of girls making papad in Kumta, India

A few years back while visiting Kumta I went back to the little shack where I had earlier seen young women making papad (writeup and pics). I was glad to see that this little cinderblock workshop was still active, and women came together to make papad and other eatables to sell in local stores. I like the light in this pic. Continue reading “Girls making Papad 2”

Kumta: Girls Making Papad

girls making papad in rural Kumta
I look forward to visiting Kumta, our ancestral home along the konkan coast. Lush green fields, coconut tree groves, red mud roads where lazy cows have the right of way. A place where I can speak konkani all over town.

Strolling through someone’s orchards, I came upon a small cinder-block shed buzzing with activity. Inside were a group of young girls busy making papad (konkani: haapoL). The girls were churning out hundreds of papad right before my eyes. Apparently one of the women had gotten a small loan, and started selling papad and other konkani foods to local restaurants and grocery stores. Continue reading “Kumta: Girls Making Papad”

Konkani Delicacies: Jackfruit Hapol & Vodi

photos of Jackfruit (Phanas) Happol by Arun Shanbhag
Yummy Jackfruit (Phanas) Happol makes a delicious snack

Deep-fried foods are rare in our home. We save it for our favorite konkani delicacies: Jackfruit (Phansa-) Hapol and Spicy Vodi. During our summer holidays in Honavar and Kumta, we kids helped make them. The women would roll the hapol and we would carry them up the rickety stairs to the temporary roof (mandal) made of palm fronds and spread them on the woven mats. As they dried in the blazing sun, the pattern of the mats could be seen on the hapol. (see girls making papad, and here too) For a light snack at any time, deep fry the hapol and serve with freshly grated coconut. Heavenly. A few months ago, one of our friends brought these back from Udupi. May she live long and prosper.

photos of Konkani delicacy vodi by Arun Shanbhag
Konkani delicacy fried Vodi

I think the spicy vodi are made with flour, garlic, red pepper and salt. Delicious. Goes very well with dahi-bhaat or even a chilled beer.

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