Rest Area En route to Manasarovar

A Rest Area En route to Manasarovar, Day 8
Approximate Elevation: 4,550 m (14,925 ft)

As we left Paryang, the energy level in our group was high: come what may, at the end of day we would arrive at Lake Manasarovar! This stretch was not any different from what I have described earlier. Desolate, barren, overcast and bad roads! Additionally, heavy rains had lashed the plateau over the last several days and the roads were pot-holed mush and the rest of the plateau appeared like a large swamp. Swollen streams crisscrossing the area had essentially ‘cut’ many roads making them impossible to traverse. On reaching such a gaping crevasse with fast running water, our convoy would backup, leave the road wherever possible, and find an area where the stream was shallow enough to cross over. During these maneuvers, some of our jeeps stalled in the water, and others towed them to higher land. Then I thanked our stars for being part of a larger convoy. Slowly we progressed.

Along the drive we passed one of the first Rest Area. It was simply a clearing by the road with 7-8 tents pitched in a circle. Some sold tibetan prayer beads, bracelets and various prayer bells. Here was also a last opportunity to buy more wool socks and caps, for the much cooler temperatures around Kailash. And most served tibetan tea and local noodle dishes. The drivers particularly took this opportunity to enjoy their native brunch. The opening pic is one such rest tent, “Three Brothers Teahouse.”
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