Do you feel younger or older than your age?

In the comments, please tell me why you feel that way: Is it due to your diet, work, active lifestyle, cultural heritage, your mother, or something else? How does this affect your life view and ambition? Your relationship with others? Continue reading “Do you feel younger or older than your age?”

Random Number Poll – Answers

Some time ago, I asked you to Pick a Random Number. There were 560 responses and I thank all who took the poll. I have now closed the poll, but may reopen it in the future.

I wanted to know: Do we humans have an inherent bias in simply picking a number between 1 – 10? This was no prize here; no religion, race, nationality or relationship was at stake. You simply picked a number. If a computer picked a number, we’d get a random pick and each of the ten numbers would be picked equally (1/10th or 10% of the time), resulting in an uniform distribution.

We got a dramatically different distribution. Here are the results and my interpretation. Please share your thoughts as comments.

How frequently a random number is picked - a distribution by Arun Shanbhag
Continue reading “Random Number Poll – Answers”

Poll: In which country does this happen

It was depressing to see the Government of India, a beacon of democratic aspirations in Asia, act like a repressive monarchy, attacking peaceful citizen protesters. This is simply NOT done! And the gall of the ministers to justify their actions!

Time for a shaming poll. Take this poll and send a strong message to the secular fundamentalist Congress Party in India.

Poll: Who is letting India down?

After 63 years of Indian Independence, there is a sense amongst Indians and even the rest of the world, that India is not living up to its potential ‘completely.’ There is a lot more it could have done, but is unable to get it done.

What is the reason for this? Who is letting India down?

Pick a Random Number

This Poll is now closed! I have posted answers and my discussion here.

Give me a random number between 1 – 10. That’s it! In the poll on left, pick the first number you think of.

This is part of a small study to see if there is an inherent bias in the selection of numbers. Ideally, with a large number of respondents, we should see that all numbers are equally represented. Is that what the data shows? Lets wait till we get a decent number of responses (~500 +) and see what the data tells us. Come back and revisit in a few weeks.

Please use the “Share This” link on the poll and post to your Facebook page. More responses, better the results.

NB: For those who noticed, the poll program did not permit “0” as a response, thus using “10” as a stand in.

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