Kids Who Bring Joy

Since they were infants, I have shot pics of all our friend’s kids. They are a joyous bunch and I love showcasing them. Now, with Meera on the scene, some of my friends wonder if I’ll ever be as passionate about taking their pics. Well, they do have a point :-E|

But for now, here they are.
They make me laugh and they make me cry;
and in turn I spoil them (with Lindt chocolates) ~ while their moms give me the evil eye!

Here is Meghana and Navya. Here they are, the week Navya was born. Time sure flies by.
pics of Meghana and Navya kids by Arun Shanbhag

You have also seen Vibha before A tiny toddler she was, now a shy young girl.
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Victoria’s Reign

I love shooting candids of people. Despite shooting in busy locales, in my camera’s eye only the subject exists, and I get a quick peek into their lives. Most are of people I meet during my travels, and I generally never ask their names. A few quick clicks and we move on, drifting away quickly in this river of our Samsara.

And since I have not had prior interactions with the subjects, I only see them in this particular place, in this instant. And I get to freeze that moment in time. In a sense, the image I capture, reflects my own state of mind at that unique point in time, projected onto the subjects. Never to be repeated again!

Seldom do I shoot pics of friends. See, I know them personally, and our past interactions subconsciously influence the poses and emotions I capture. Nonetheless, I love to shoot portraits of friends, particularly if they are aspiring models!

Meet Victoria! She rules! 😀

Shot on the Esplanade along the Charles River in Boston. Can you tell me which images you liked? And click on selected images for larger versions.


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