Video: Making Puran Polis

When in Mumbai, we attended a puja at my aunt’s place in Jogeshwari. There we enjoyed a delicious south india lunch, served on banana leaves. Freshly made, warm puran polis, dribbled with home-made tuup (clarified butter), was one of many desserts. The catering crew were making it in the back. Enjoy the video.

puran poli sanzori konkani foodsAnd see this older post, where I describe how our extended family comes together to make Sanzori, a variant of the puran poli. So much fun.

Here is Shilpa’s (Aayis Recipes) excellent recipe for puran poli (also called Obbattu).

And another recipe for Puran Poli from Sailu’s Kitchen.

Some of my Other Videos:

Puran Poli for Gudi Padva

Puran Poli Konkani food dessert pics by Arun Shanbhag
Last week during Gudi Padva, M indulged me with some freshly made puran polis – a konkani delicacy! For those who have not tried one, imagine a paratha stuffed with a blend of chana-dal, jaggery and elaichi. Liberally spread tuup (clarified butter) on warm puran polis and … heavenly! M made 10, she ate 2 and I finished 8! What sacrifices the indian woman makes ~ a true pativrata. Hee Hee! And with a glass of milk, I didn't need dinner. Continue reading “Puran Poli for Gudi Padva”

Back Home in Boston

Exhausted, drained and my circadian rhythm is shot. Two conferences in the next three weeks and 700 e-mails to attend to. Why does everyone think I read my emails while on vacation?

Since I live to eat (suffer ye thinkers!), my self imposed exile to the culinary Siberia has resumed. Yesterdays cafeteria choices included Corn Chowder (85 Cal), Chicken in red cream sauce (995 Cal – really!) and 65 other equally unsavory options. While I really wanted the Rawas Hyderabadi or the Shrimp Kadipatha, I would have settled for the bourgeois Kamats Thali.

I already miss Aiee asking every night what I want for breakfast the next morning (M, please take note). And restaurant waiters understand “strong filter coffee.” I met fascinating people all day, every day. I am going to miss them the most. I don’t miss living out of a suitcase(s) for 4 weeks and my shirt soaked 2 minutes after I wear it.

I have 900 pics to go through, 45 books I brought back, a huge stack of CDs, a suitcase full of Ganapati foods (puran-poli, chewda, shankar-palli, saath, mysore-paak, banana and almond halwa, kaju barfi from Chandu Halwai, …) lots of knick-knacks and a boat load of memories.

It took me 45 minutes to get ready after the shower. Confusion reigned: what trousers do I normally wear to work? Which shirt? Socks? Where are they? Damn! They need to match the shoes. Where are my keys? What time is my bus? … Am I forgetting something? Bostonians, if you spy a zombie, its just me!

All signs of a great holiday!

And I am equally glad to be back HOME! My bed, my pillow and my blanket (yes, its getting chilly here!).

Mando – A Konkani Delicacy

Making Mando - A Konkani Delicacy During the annual Ganapati festival, our house in Colaba is a bee hive of activity. See my earlier post on shopping for flowers at Dadar. For weeks before the festival, the women are busy preparing konkani delicacies from scratch: Cheeroti, Chackli, Gaanti, sweet and spicy diamond shaped shankar-pali, Puran-Poli, Nevri (Karanjya), Chevda, Mando, and a variety of ladoos.

Here are a few pictures of cousins and aunts making “Mando.” Its a simple maida atta (all purpose flour dough), rolled thin, quick fried and sprinkled with confectionary sugar. Fold when very warm and it hardens to a crisp.

I like to reach in and pick the Mando when it is still warm and starting to harden. A few slaps on the wrist are definitely worth it. Yumm!

Making Mando - A Konkani Delicacy
Making Mando - A Konkani Delicacy
Making Mando - A Konkani Delicacy

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