Pushkar’s First

One reason for our recent trip to Bharat was to help my nephew Pushkar, celebrate his first birthday. He is a true champ. For more than an hour, cousins, uncles, aunts, grand parents and all relatives, took turns hugging, babbling to him and asking him to smile and do this and that – did they really believe that he understood and felt any need to oblige? And during the entire festivities, he maintained his composure, did not moan, groan or wail! A true champ!

In the opening pic, he sits on his mother’s lap while his grandmother performs the traditional aarti. Look how fascinated he is with the tuup diyas, but does not try to reach for them. For the curious, even though this was his first birthday, an aarti is never performed with only one diya, and thus the two on the plate.

Curious fella, this Pushkar!

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