Random Number Poll – Answers

Some time ago, I asked you to Pick a Random Number. There were 560 responses and I thank all who took the poll. I have now closed the poll, but may reopen it in the future.

I wanted to know: Do we humans have an inherent bias in simply picking a number between 1 – 10? This was no prize here; no religion, race, nationality or relationship was at stake. You simply picked a number. If a computer picked a number, we’d get a random pick and each of the ten numbers would be picked equally (1/10th or 10% of the time), resulting in an uniform distribution.

We got a dramatically different distribution. Here are the results and my interpretation. Please share your thoughts as comments.

How frequently a random number is picked - a distribution by Arun Shanbhag
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Pick a Random Number

This Poll is now closed! I have posted answers and my discussion here.

Give me a random number between 1 – 10. That’s it! In the poll on left, pick the first number you think of.

This is part of a small study to see if there is an inherent bias in the selection of numbers. Ideally, with a large number of respondents, we should see that all numbers are equally represented. Is that what the data shows? Lets wait till we get a decent number of responses (~500 +) and see what the data tells us. Come back and revisit in a few weeks.

Please use the “Share This” link on the poll and post to your Facebook page. More responses, better the results.

NB: For those who noticed, the poll program did not permit “0” as a response, thus using “10” as a stand in.

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