Pics from Sandy Hook Elementary School, CT

Sandy Hook Elementary School

My cousin attended a vigil at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last night. What a senseless tragedy. Also getting emails from Meera’s School about all the precautions they have in place to protect the tiny ones. Right! We are indeed living in a crazy world. Continue reading “Pics from Sandy Hook Elementary School, CT”

Meera in Fog

Pic of Meera on way to school in fog by Arun Shanbhag

On Tuesday when we stepped out of the house, the fog was thick and visibilty down to 50 ft. Meera first was thrilled at the fog, then exclaimed, “Pappa, there is fog! How will we find my school?” I offered, “Hold my hand and I will show you the way.” Hand in hand we started down the hill. Along the way, Meera kept “phooo, phooo-ing” trying to blow the fog away. Here by the Minuteman bikeway we took a few silly pics to share with her Amma. Continue reading “Meera in Fog”

New Year 2012: Meera Goes to School

New Year Greeting 2012 Meera goes to school by Arun Shanbhag

In the New Year,
May you all be blessed with divine Grace!

Best Wishes for a healthy, prosperous and safe New Year!

Meera, M & A

Continue reading “New Year 2012: Meera Goes to School”

Kumta: School Kids

Outside my cousin-brother's house in Kumta, these kids were walking back from school. They seemed eager to pose. After shooting this pic, I offered them one of the Britannia cream biscuit packs I always carry in my bag. They grabbed and ran – jumping in joy!

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