Hyacinths and a Daffodil

A few white hyacinths in the foreground. Note the leftover little yellow crocuses on the right, and daffodils in the background.

An Hyacinth pod is made of nearly 50 distinct blooms. WoW!

I blame the long winter for the mediocre daffodils this season. This one turned out picture perfect!

Nikon D70, Nikon 50mm (75mm effective) f/1.8
© Arun Shanbhag

Crocuses: Spring's first sigh

With the last snow just melted, crocuses are the first spots of color in an otherwise bleak landscape. These tiny bundles of joy have blooms barely an inch tall. At night, crocuses bundle-up. At first light, these are getting ready to lazily unfurl.

An hour later, they are in full bloom! *sigh* Yes, there is a God!

Which orientation did you like? In the background, you may notice the daffodils still a few weeks away from blooming.

And a few more closeups. Note, the blooms are an inch across, or less! Enjoy!

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