Yoga and Vaastu Workshop

Over the weekend I attended a fabulously enriching workshop on Yoga and Vaastu at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA. It was taught by Sashikala Ananth a noted Vaastu practitioner from Chennai, India. She is also a yoga instructor trained under the legendary Krishnamacharya.

Going into this workshop, I knew zilch about both, but by the end of the weekend I was thoroughly enlightened. I have always done Pilates to help with my running and I find that it is nothing but yoga with the Hindu aspects of breathing and saying AUM erased. 😦

Shashikala Ananth is a wonderful teacher, very patient, full of energy and imminently qualified in all aspects of practical yoga and its integration within our lifestyle. Here is a little blurp from her website:

In the ordinary every day existence of the householder amidst his (and her) commonplace concerns there must be a quality of transcendence and an inner unfolding. Dharma must be discovered and lived in the family and the market place in the midst of a community, in the here and now.

and, she continues:
In a recent interaction with some Feng Shui experts, I was asked this question ‘why do Indians let go of all their traditions without adequate study?’ I was forced to accept this about us – that we do not respect our own past without assurances and encouragement from our colonial masters. Perhaps this is a necessary residue of being a conquered people, or a lacuna in our own psychical makeup.

I was disappointed that I came to learn of this so late in life. Well, its never too late. So, we are planning a two week personalized course with Sashikala Ananth in Chennai, India. In addition to yoga, she will also take us on a tour of the Tamil Nadu temples. With her grounding in Vaastu and general architecture, she will be the perfect guide. We are planning this for early December, in Chennai, India.

And here: M walking leisurely during our hike from Grindelwald in the Swiss Alps (2006). A blissfully wonderful time!

Blue Skies: Eiger, Monch & Jungfrau

Trimurti of the Swiss Alps: Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.
If you visit Switzerland, please don’t miss it. Last year was our second pilgrimage to the Alps, and we hiked everywhere. You could ride soaring cable cars, and trains cutting deep through mountain ranges, showcasing Swiss precision. But we hiked!

In June, the days are long and weather still has the chill of early spring in the alps. Each day we picked a different route and traversed hills and valleys. Our backpacks were filled with varieties of cheese, flavored milks, strawberries, warm croissants and simple sandwiches. We filled our water bottles at ice cold alpine streams for refreshing breaks. The endless expanses of multicoloured wild flowers and the incessant jingling of cowbells on grazing cows transported us to a truly restful and perfect vacation.

Neele neele amber per
Chand jab aaye
Pyar barsayae
Humko tarsaye

Oonche Oonche Parvat
Jab Choomte Hai Amber Ko

[click for larger image]

June 2003; Olympus 4040Z Digital.
For the purist: Disappointment with this exposure led me to buy a manual camera. See previous post.

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