Tigerella Tomatoes

Pics of Heirloom Tigerella Tomatoes from garden by Arun Shanbhag

Catching up on posting pics from our garden: Heirloom Tigerella Tomatoes. Medium-sized tomatoes with yellow tiger-like stripes. The meat is deep red, sweeter and less tarty than cherry tomatoes. Continue reading “Tigerella Tomatoes”

Cherry Tomatoes

Pics of freshly harvested Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden by Arun Shanbhag
Freshly harvested cherry tomatoes from a friend’s garden. A benefit of watching friend’s house is you get to pick all the ripe vegetables. Delicious! Thank you Vikas.

See more vegetables and fruits: Continue reading “Cherry Tomatoes”

Grape Tomatoes

pic of Grape Cherry Tomatoes by Arun Shanbhag

At work or home, I am always munching on something. Whatever I can find at the local farm stand. Apples, baby carrots, red peppers or blueberries. One of my friends introduced me to clementines; I have a boxful at work. I don't do salads, but love cherry tomatoes. I found these 'grape' tomatoes yesterday. The only problem with eating these is, making sure your mouth is tightly closed before biting on them. Or else the juice spray spurts out over the keyboard.

Since our deck is still covered with more than a foot of compacted snow, I just plonked these tomatoes on the snow. HeHe.

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